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Why Eyeglasses

While doing your important daily activities like driving, reading, etc. you require your focus and precision. For people with poor eyesight, corrective eyewear can be of great help to maintain that focus. After all a clear and compelling vision leads to economic growth of self and of the country.

With Care Netram you can choose quality frames and lenses that suit your personality, your vision needs and your budget.

German quality, Made in India glasses

Our eyeglasses are quality checked in Europe and the US and comply with international standards.

Individual Styling

Which style in eyeglasses suits you? Bold or subtle, classic or modern, colorful or neutral? Choose from more than 100 combinations of frames and lenses currently on offer.


Prices of our prescription glasses are very affordable with free eye test. We give glasses for free to the school children.

Instant availability

Thanks to a modular system using prefabricated clip-in spherical lenses, your eyeglasses are instantly assembled by us and directly available for you to take home.

Prescription Glasses

We offer spherical prescription glasses in diopters ranging from -10.0 to +10.0. Our own product line, the metal frame are highly flexible, antiallergic, lightweight, rust-free and perfectly adaptable to your face. German quality.

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You want to protect your eyes from the bright sun? Sunlight damages our eyes and also creates risks for us, e.g. in traffic. Get a pair of our 100% UV protection sunglasses – with or without prescription.

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Reading Glasses

You experience bad vision when reading? Get a pair of our reading glasses. Check our metal frames of different styles and choose what style you prefer.

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