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Babita Suna

Care Netram: Bringing smiles, Chaging lives

Babita Suna,24, Motojharana, Sambalpur district is a student and tailor by profession. She was suffering from the blurring of distance vision for which she was not able to see the blackboard. She also had difficulty managing computer classes. Her father is an electrician and stays in another district, her sister stays out of state for further studies and her mother passed away 2 years back. Under all these circumstances she was not able to take care of her eyes and education as there is no such facility close to her village.

But now donning spectacles by Care Netram, she is able to see and able to manage her computer class, board work. Working in these low-resource locations is a challenge but rewarding. for Care Netram.

Bebina Biswal

Sight is more essential for all

Bebina Biswal,42, Puri district is a housewife suffering from difficulty in the near vision for 3 years. She stayed in the village with her husband and two sons. Her husband is a daily laborer. With his little income and daily lifestyle expenses, it was very difficult for him to take Bebina to the eye hospital for an eye check-up.

After knowing that there is a free eye check-up camp in her village panchayat she came and had her eye check-up done. After screening our team member explained to her about her eye problem and advised her to use eyeglasses for near work.

After wearing glasses now she is able to teach her children and able to do her own near work.

Debaprasad Das

Respect Senior citizen by providing rights to sight

Debaprasad Das,76, Dialo, Tritol, Jagatsinghpur district is a retired teacher. During a Care Netram community screening program at Dialo village, our district coordinator saw him wearing a broken glass. Our coordinator counseled him about his problem. Care Netram team came to know that he is not willing to travel to the city to get his eye check-up done and buy the glasses. That’s why he is managing with the old one. After the screening, our team explained to him about his eye problem and provided him his new power glass. He was very happy with the new glasses because it was very light weight and good looking as compared to his old glasses.

Out reach program beneficiary thanks to Care Netram

Tilotama Parida,60, from Gholapur Village, Banki, Cuttack district is a housewife and agricultural labor. She had been unable to see the road clearly and had difficulty in walking and going to her land which is far away from her home. She had been suffering from poor vision problems and diabetes for 5 years. She stayed in the village with her daughter and husband who is in daily labor.

She had undergone an eye check in a hospital which is 40km away from her village where she was advised to wear eyeglasses. But due to lack of money and hospital distance, she was unable to buy her eyeglass. When she came to our camp location and after the eye check-up done our team provided her a very good quality of eyeglasses. As it was cheaper, she decides to buy it.

Regain his sight for better education and future

Subha Prakash Sutar,14, from Tirtola, Jagatsinghpur districts is a student in class 9. He had been suffering from vision problems since class 5. This lead to difficulty in seeing the blackboard and other activity limitations due to poor vision. He stayed in his village with his younger brother and parents. His father is a carpenter and not able to get work regularly. With his little earning it was very difficult to afford glass always. When they came to know that there is a free eye check-up camp is going to hold on their village, his father was very happy and came with both the sons. After the screening he came to know that his younger son is fine with normal vision and the elder son has to wear glass for his vision problem.
His father was happy to get glass which is very flexible and long-lasting and unbreakable. After wearing the glasses Subha realizes that the glass is very light weight as compared to his old glass. As the glasses are very strong and unbreakable, he is confident enough to take part in studies and sports activities.

Jhunu Bala

Let’s restore sight and livelihood

Jhunu Bala,43,Unit -8 Slum,Khordha district is a housewife and tailor by profession. She stayed in a slum with her husband and two children one daughter and son. Her husband is daily labor so Rani used to do tailoring to manage her family expenses. But due to presbyopic problem, it was very difficult to do needling and sewing.

Sometimes she used to take her daughter’s help for needling with this she managed some days after that she discontinued tailoring. After a long time when Care Netram team conducted a camp near her slum, she came to our camp location for free eye screening.

After screening her eyes our team explained to her that she had no problem with her eyes she had just presbyopia which can be corrected with simple reading glasses and she can again start tailoring.

Jaladhara Naik

Sight is more essential for all

Jalandhar Naik,85, Dunguripali, Sambalpur district is a farmer staying with her wife in his village and has no wards. He is suffering from the gradual loss of vision and diabetes. His elder brother’s son who is daily labor and son in law used to take care of him and his wife. He took him to the hospital 1 year back which is 84km away from his village. The doctor advised him to wear glass for distance and can plan for cataract surgery later. But after knowing the glass cost which is quite high they came back home without any glass with a loss of hope to see the world clearly again.

When someone from his village informed him that there is a free eye screening camp going on in a village which is 14km away from his village, he started walking to the camp location which took 2 hours of journey to the location. After completing the examination, Care Netram team provided him his power glasses at a very minimal cost.

Now after wearing the glasses he is able to identify faces from a distance.

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