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Our story

India is home to 9.3 million visually impaired people with 2,70,000+ blind children. 82.5% blindness among adults in India are preventable as per reports.  We at Care Netram are taking initiatives along with our global partner Good Vision Germany to provide accessible and affordable vision care services to every corner in India. We are #HelpingIndiaSEEBetter!

We have come together to conduct free vision campaigns in rural and semi-urban communities that have limited access to eye care services. Many individuals that attend our vision camps have never before received an eye exam.

The program also contributes in improving livelihoods through job creation in rural and semi-urban areas that today suffer from a drastic shortage of primary eye care providers.

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Reaching The Unreachable

Care Netram ventures into remote and underserved areas to provide crucial vision care services. These camps bridge the gap between marginalised populations and essential eye care, offering screenings, treatments, and eyeglasses to those who may otherwise lack access.


Giving The Gift Of Sight

Cataract is the silent thief of sight. To prevent avoidable blindness, we sponsor cataract surgeries in partnership with hospitals to those in need. We aim to provide access to essential eye care services to individuals in need, ensuring that they can regain their vision and improve their quality of life.


Ready To Serve You

Care Netram Vision Centes are operational in various areas to provide primary eye care services and affordable spectacles & lenses for all. Their primary objective is to ensure that people living in these areas have access to essential vision care services without having to travel long distances to urban centers.

Our Happy Beneficiaries



Priyanka is from Saraswati Shishu Vidya Mandir School, Odisha. She is not only a good singer but also works hard to be a good student. When our team reached out to her school, she told us that she could not see the blackboard clearly which was the reason behind her poor marks in academics. Though eye hospitals are present nearby, her parents could not go there as they realized they could not afford the cost of treatment which is very high. They are indebted to Care Netram for giving the young girl a chance to study hard and make them proud.
There are many such hidden talents yet to be discovered. Your small donation can change a child’s life forever.


Adivasi woman at outreach in the slum Salia Sahi in Bhubaneshwar Kantilata Nayak
- 70 years
- tested: -3,5/-2,5
- no money lives under BPL, gets rice ration from government
- a son, man dead

Adivasi means "first settlers". They make up 7% of the total population of India. Together with the untouchable castes - the Dalits - the Adivasi belong to the poorest people in India. Many live below the poverty line and receive a small amount of support from the state. Mostly they live from agriculture and are spread all over India.



This 49 years old lady is from Salia Sahi (one of the largest slum of Odisha, India) had difficulty in reading since 5 years for which she could not read Bhagavad Gita, Holy book of Hindus. With her daily busy life, she took out time to visit the hospital for eye check-up with her grandson. The hospital was full of crowed and they had to wait for long and it was not possible for her to give the entire day for eye check-up with her small grandson so she returned. Thereafter she could not visit the hospital. She used to face lot of difficulties while performing her daily tasks.

Because of Care Netram, she did her eye check-up without any cost near her home and got glasses for affordable price for which she is now happy. She is now able to read Bhagavad Gita without stressing her eyes and can do her daily activities easily and comfortably.

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Gandhiji Shanti Nibasha Janla’s Morning Eye Camp

Gandhiji Shanti Nibasha Janla’s Morning Eye Camp

In the remote village of Odisha, access to proper eye care facilities are limited, thus Care Netram steps in to organize an eye camp. We organized an eye screening camp at Gandhiji Shanti Nibasha Janla in collaboration with Rotary Club. 70+ people benefitted from our...

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Awards & Recognitions 

Award Winning Moments

Care Netram LLP is the winner for the Livelihood Welfare for the Best Innovative CSR Project at the CSR Summit organized by UBS Forum. Along with that Care Netram LLP has also won the Best CSR Project Award.

Skill Development Gold<br />
Award Care Netram

CARE NETRAM has been honored with the Skoch Order of Merit and the Skill Development Gold Award by the Skoch Group for its outstanding Vision Care Program.